Mean Green Electronics Recycling Company

Mean Green E-Cyclers provides easy, secure, and environmentally safe electronics recycling. In Ocala and the surrounding areas we will provide on-site pickup, and for our customers in other parts of the state or country we provide free shipping labels.

Preventing the disposal of equipment through responsible electronic recycling is our number one goal. Mean Green E-Cycling is leading the industry in developing new uses for these commodities and preventing any electronic waste from entering our landfills. A ever-growing number of of TV’s, computers, servers, cell phones and other electronic scrap enter our landfills each year as they are made obsolete by the introduction of High Definition TV and the rapid advances in technology. If you have obsolete electronics you no longer want or need, contact Mean Green E-Cyclers – this guarantees you that you are not only complying with the law but also doing the right thing for the planet.

MGE Key Differentiators

Not all electronics recycling companies are the same. Here are some advantages of doing business with Mean Green E-Cyclers:

  • FREE Same Day Pickup for Businesses
  • Being local reduces cost of asset recovery
  • 25 Years Combined Electronics Recycling Experience
  • We comply to the strictest standards of the ISO 14001, OSHA 18001, and R2
  • All data security complies with Homeland Security NIST 800-193 and all Federal, State and Local requirements
  • We provide recycling incentives – monetary compensation for certain recycled products
  • Destruction verification of data, video and tracking systems
  • Proven charity fundraising record
  • Experience with charity-specific logistics, marketing and processing
  • Information Management System with custom charity reporting features
  • Real time charity reports available online – anytime!
  • Flawless payment history

Know where your recycled electronics are going: No Landfills, No Prison Labor, No Exports of E-Waste, No Child Labor, No incinerators – GUARANTEED!