Electronics Recycling Fundraiser

Electronics Recycling FundraiserIf you, your business or your non-profit organization is interested in sponsoring an electronics recycling fundraiser, MGE will be happy to work with you every step of the way. Please contact us as soon as possible. We can help plan and establish an event within a matter of months at any location your organization desires.  MGE Electronics Recycling is proud to serve our communities, schools, non-profits, and other charities by hosting and coordinating electronics recycling fundraisers across the country. Your part is to  inspire others to empty their closets, garages, and storage spaces of all unwanted and outdated electronic devices, pack them into their car and bring them to your event. MGE will do the rest! The bonus is that together we can help spread awareness about the hazards of e-waste and preserve our future.

Electronic Recycling Fundraiser Results


Unlike most other e-waste recyclers MGE has a deep understanding of electronics recycling fundraisers and how this effort differs from residential or corporate e-cycling. We have worked with many local and State-wide charities throughout the years and have gained knowledge of the best practices for charity recycling.  In addition, we have worked with many schools, churches and other non-profit organizations through our fundraising division.  And, we are able to guarantee a unique payment structure to our charity partners in which we guarantee payment to your charity for every device received resulting in a greater financial impact for your cause.  We will help you to coordinate announcements, develop an effective social marketing campaign, and publicize your event on our website. In addition, we offer real-time tracking and visibility of your donations and financial reporting.


Working with charities on cell phone and electronics recycling fundraisers in the past, we have identified and overcome many operational and marketing issues that can continue to create problems for other charity recycling efforts.  Obviously for the electronics recycling fundraiser to be a success costs must be kept to an absolute minimum. Fortunately, we have identified many of these costly mistakes (like unit shipping costs and ineffective marketing practices), and in their place have developed effective strategies (including social marketing and MGE paid shipping for specific items). Because MGE has taken steps to correct these inefficiencies, our charity partners receive a higher payout and as a result a greater impact for their cause.