Data Destruction

computer confidentialSecurity is Our Top Priority


The security of your data is the highest priority here at MGE. We ensure that any data stored on your electronic equipment never ends up in the wrong hands. Data Security is offered on every computer MGE Electronics Recycling recovers. Depending upon the sensitivity of the data, we can offer Options ranging from a low-cost data wipe to a top security certified wipes. Since businesses are now responsible for more than just their own proprietary data and are held to the highest of standards when it comes to privacy, MGE provides our clients a “Certificate of Destruction” to assure the release of all liabilities related to or arising from the safe collection and recycling of all electronic devices.


iStock_000022017020XSmallIn addition to a digital wipe of your hard drives, we can also physically destroy them, rendering the read write heads completely unreadable. Our process guarantees 100% data destruction.


We will remove your hard drive from the computer and physically crush each drive, rendering each platter absolutely destroyed, with no opportunity for reuse or data recovery. Feel free to witness the actual destruction of your businesses drives.